We specialize in the following:

  1. Spatial and Tabular and Data Visualization
    Whether you are looking for remote data access, high quality cartographic products, or custom code to interact with your data, we have the experience, expertise, and flexibility to provide what you need to accomplish your goals.
  2. Data Collection and integration
    We have been collecting data using Trimble GPS receivers since before GPS signals were scrambled by the government! Our field collectors are diligent in locating features. Our team can also convert data from existing records and are experienced and insightful in transferring data accurately and completely, customized to fit your data requirements.
  3. Technology Planning
    Our experience in the realm of data management makes us ideal for helping you identify uses and sources of technology. Our planning services will look at your hardware and network infrastructure, software, data sources, and personnel and identify efficiencies and processes that could help your organization in data retention, retrieval, and productive use of that data.
  4. Training and Support
    Our team can provide you with as-needed support or specific training for software and hardware. You can inquire for specific technologies for which we have standard material, or discuss custom training with us. We have also provided clients with documentation (Standard Operating Procedures) for internal processes that we have helped develop.
  5. Integration Services
    With our experience in the field of utilities, municipalities, and conservation agencies we have gained experience in many technologies and understand that multiple silos of information suits nobody's purpose. When we deliver services, we will review any other complementary data sources that could be linked to our data to help you gain efficiencies in terms of data collection, retention, and retrieval to have more integrated information at the fingertips of decision makers.