What sets us apart.

Hilltop Northeast Enterprises roots go back to the early 1990's when Mike Doyle started using GIS to help identify a ski trail expansion. This followed a 3 month physical trek through mountains and forests, taking notes and developing a plan by hand. He then tested his results against GIS. To his amazement he came up with virtually the same results after just 3 weeks of GIS-based analysis. At this point Mike saw first-hand the benefits of using GIS and was hooked.

Since that time, Mike experienced different corporate philosophies and support structures, and many ways to serve clients. Armed with this information Mike set forth to create a different type of technology company, and Hilltop Northeast Enterprises was formed.

Hilltop's philosophy is a simple one, one that dates back to all of our parents - Treat people like you'd like to be treated. All of our growing team feels the same way- we are dedicated to providing high quality work in an efficient and cost effective manner- just like how we expect contractors to treat us in our homes. We also work with partner companies, and we require our partners to have the same dedication to quality and customer focus that we have.