Client Types.

Our expertise will help.

We believe expertise counts, and we understand we won't provide a benefit if we don't fully understand your needs. Following are the client types that we have provided in-depth benefits. We will be glad to discuss the various services that we have expertise in, even if we don't list your industry specifically.

  1. Utilities
    Our understanding of utilities of all types allows us to speak to your knowledge experts and understand their problems and their language. We have unrivaled experience in water, sanitary, stormwater, electric, telecommunications, and gas-based systems. Our experience includes field data collection, map conversion, custom integration projects, and data delivery projects using web and/or desktop technologies.
  2. Municipalities
    We provide a full spectrum of services to municipalities, as we have been doing for over twenty years. Our experience includes planning services, parcel automation, resident and employee data delivery solutions, and custom applications for many different purposes. We work with every department within a municipality from the Finance Department, which may be responsible for parking meter management and reporting of assets, Veterans and Elderly Assistance for efficient transportation and related requirements, through the Assessors, Planning, Public Works, Public Safety, IT, and all related departments.
  3. Campus
    Similar to the above groups, campus organizations have specific needs through utilities and planning, but they often have an environment where Campus Planning focuses on student requirements, and less on infrastructure. This tendency leaves many orphaned pipes and confusing utility plans which can be greatly aided by spatial solutions. Safe people management is critical in a campus environment. Our solutions have helped institutions identify dark parts of campus, quickest routing for people traffic, location analyses for call boxes and/ or video surveillance, and many features to support public safety.
  4. Environmental Organizations
    Modeling our environment can help beyond almost any other method in determining best management practices. We have been assisting organizations for many years in developing data collection procedures and tools to identify concerns such as pollution sources and plumes. We have developed software for managing botanic gardens and arboreta, and we understand the importance of cataloging and integrating any number of "assets"- whether those are clear cuts, rare species, or man made elements such as illicit outfalls.