About Mike.

Founder, Hilltop Northeast Enterprises.

Mike has been providing complex solutions to clients for over twenty years. He has worked for municipal and state government as well as for private companies. He started as a GIS Intern, and worked his way to managing GIS Departments. He has experience and trusted relationships with Engineering and Surveying companies. He has worked for and managed software companies and divisions, where he developed applications to help organizations function in a more integrated fashion.

Mike formed Hilltop after an engineering firm decided to stop providing GIS services to their clients. After that event his clients started calling him directly asking if he would still provide the services to them that they were used to getting. Mike had become a trusted advisor to his clients, and they did not want that relationship to end.

Hilltop was formed, and has expanded under Mike's guidance, bringing in talented employees that match the philosophy of quality, accuracy, timeliness, and dedication to clients.